That Feeling When . . . You’re Pregnant Again!

Big BrotherYeah, so you know how I wrote that I was all angry at Mother Nature for making me think I was pregnant when I wasn’t? Turns out I was pregnant when I wrote that. Yeah, I don’t even know what my body has been doing lately. But whatever.


In any case, HERE WE GO!!!

You know that feeling. That feeling when . . .

When you find out you’re pregnant.

So Happy

When you remember how you told the internet that you weren’t pregnant, but it turns out you were wrong. Oops!


When you want to tell everyone, mostly so you can complain because, let’s be real, that’s one of the small pleasures of pregnancy. But of course, there’s some social rule that you’re supposed to wait a while. But screw it.


When you realize that your kids will be 18 months apart, which is what you wanted so that they could be playmates and stuff, but then you realize how little the existing baby will still be when the new baby is born, and also how hard pregnancy is without a little boy-creature to take care of, and you think, “What have I done?”

George Costanza

When you have to do something involving a large agency (for instance the medical clinic and the insurance people), and you’re not sure who you have to contact or what you have to do, so you suck it up and make the phone call, but then get shuttled around from department to department.


When baby-brain, which in this case seems to be manifesting as pregnancy-induced ADD, makes you completely unable to focus on the work you have to get done and you feel like a complete flake.

Homer Brain

But really, you want to be like, “I am a capable, educated human being!”


When you can feel that there is definitely something happening in your uterus. Is the baby rearranging the furniture or what? It’s the size of a freakin’ lentil!


When you’re nauseous beyond words and the 10-month-old doesn’t want to do anything but climb up your body. Or when you open a can of cat food. Or when you haven’t eaten in 20 minutes.

When you happily share a meal of chicken nuggets and goldfish with the kid because that’s all either of you wants to eat right now.

Chicken Nugget Power

When you’re trying really hard to believe that the decaf coffee does anything for you.


When you are exhausted beyond belief and fully realize that this is just the beginning of life with two kids. And you just sort of think, Bring It.

Wonder Woman

When you think about how you’ve got a limited amount of time when you and the current baby have each other all to yourselves, so you probably ought to appreciate that.

Baby Dinosaur


Life Update, Mid-August

I’ve decided to do this post as a two-parter. I’ll include pregnancy stuff and recent goings-on in this post, and then I’ll upload a what-I’ve-been-reading post in just a bit.

Robin and I got to spend a few days in New Hampshire this month. Robin played golf, I lounged in the sun on the dock, and Stella enjoyed doggie paradise.

Why, yes, that IS that one maternity bathing suit from Target. I think I’ve seen it in every photo of a pregnant woman this summer.

Continue reading

Trying to Live (Mostly) Grain Free

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way: Dieting is the WORST. Food is one of my favorite things in the world. I like to look at it and smell it, I like to plan meals and be able to think about them in advance, I like the process of cooking food, and I really love eating it. Unfortunately, we all reach a point in our lives when we have to restrict what we eat. The combination of Robin’s job having weight restrictions and my wanting to lose some weight before our wedding spurred me to start cooking our family meals a little differently. Continue reading

Life Update, Mid-July

I had a doctor’s appointment Monday. I’m just about 6 weeks away from the due date. Those appointments seem sort of pointless. The doctor measures my belly, listens to the heartbeat, asks me a couple of questions, and then moves on. But I guess that’s just a sign that my pregnancy is normal and boring, so hurray. Robin and I agree that the doctor is a weird little man, but he seems fully capable of pulling a baby out of me. I’m actually rather amused by him. Next appointment: 2 weeks. The end is nigh. Continue reading

10 Third Trimester Truths

I really enjoy lists like this, and I’ve read my share of “Pregnant Facts” from great sources like Scary Mommy and Oakland Avenue. I figured maybe I’d throw my own list into the ring.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Sort of. 

1. You can, in fact, still see your toes. You just can’t get to them as easily as you used to.See? I even painted these bad boys last week. Granted, it involved some bodily contortion and I’ll leave it to the pros for the rest of my pregnancy, but I did it. That said. . . . Continue reading