Hi there! I’m Abby.

I’m a copyeditor and a college English instructor. Sometimes. I’m in the prime of my baby making years (one’s a year old and another is on the way), so the employment thing is a little off and on. Since I’m an Army wife, a permanent job isn’t exactly in the picture, so I’m enjoying part-time and freelance work while I get the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my little monster.

I grew up in Oklahoma (big-city Oklahoma, you guys), but we’re stationed in New York right now. And since I now live so far from home, and much of my family lives even farther away, I need to keep people updated on this whole life thing that’s happening. I am the absolute worst at talking on the phone and don’t do nearly enough of it to keep my mom and sister happy. So I started this blog, which solves all of my problems! Okay, not all of them, but the communication ones, anyways.

Also, I just love blogs. I love reading things that smart, funny, thoughtful women have written (sorry, dudes, but I’m just really into women writers right now). I don’t expect to get famous or make any money from this site (I mean, I wouldn’t say NO to money, let’s be real), I just feel like adding my voice and sharing my experience might be a good thing to try.

As for the name, let’s just call it an ode to Social Anxiety.

Cast of characters:

Since this is the internet, and since my family really doesn’t need any trouble, I’ll keep a certain level of anonymity (and I’ll ask you to do the same; no last names or incriminating personal information, please). But I’ll introduce the members of my household, because they are bound to come into the conversation from time to time.

The 14-week baby bump. It's a-growin'.

That’s me. And my little bump.

Robin, The Husband


Stella, The Village Idiot

Kitten Mao, The Cranky-Pants

Tommy, the new guy.

I’m just learning how to operate a blog. I’m not a web designer and I don’t know how to take lovely pictures, so bear with me while I muddle through. And feel free to comment with your feedback or glowing praise (we all need undeserved acclaim every once in a while, right?).


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