That Feeling When . . . (#2)

I think we could all use a .gif post today. Amirite?

So, without any ado whatsoever, here’s how I feel when . . .

When I’ve been cooped up inside all winter and don’t even feel like I know what the outside world looks like anymore.



When the sunshine finally comes out and the snow melts and I can go outside without a coat.


When Tommy manages to fling himself out of his car seat and ends up on the floor.

ScreamWhen I’ve got exactly two things happening today: the plumber is coming and I’ve got an important work call. And the phone rings as the plumber is walking up to the door.

Kimmy Schmidt

When I think about how I might be eating too much peanut butter lately. But I really don’t care because I need a snack.


When Tommy looks at me or Robin and laughs like a maniac because he’s just delighted to see us.




2 thoughts on “That Feeling When . . . (#2)

  1. Spring is trying! Hope it was a good work call, and hope the plumber got the toilet flushing right! Can’t wait to see you all! Have a great weekend! Love, Kelly

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