What I’ve Been Reading: Winter 2015

I read a lot. And by “read” I sometimes mean that I listen to audiobooks. But I really see no difference in the two activities aside from the fact that I can do one while I’m driving.

Yes, Please by Amy Poelher

Do yourself a favor and listen to the audiobook of this one. She reads the book with guest appearances by Kathleen Turner, Seth Meyers, Patrick Stewart, and her parents. Not gonna lie, Tina Fey is my idol. But her BFF and partner in crime, Poelher, is way up there on my list of heroes. She’s sweet and sardonic all at once. She does a great job of discussing pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. She makes me really want to have at least one daughter so that I can try to raise her to be this awesome.

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

I’m a big fan of Lena Dunham. She’s one of those people who has done so much with their career when they were young that you just want to quit because you’re so behind in your life. But then you’re like, well, actually, good for them, and I’ll be over here doing my own shit. Seriously, writing, directing, and starring in her own show? And now a book? Well done. And screw all of the controversy about her. She’s young, and we’re all sometimes thoughtless when we’re young. And yes, she is a privileged white girl who writes about privileged white girl stuff. So what? You have to write what you know. And what she does write about privileged white girl stuff is great. Her honesty makes me think about how weird we all were as kids, and how stupid and dramatic we were about our lives in the years during and shortly after adolescence, and how girls need to stop thinking that everything about themselves is wrong or different or not good enough.

A Game of Thrones, Book 1 of A Song of Ice and Fire

For the third time. Because why not. Again, I’ll say the audiobook of this one is great. I’ve come to adore Roy Dotrice’s reading of this series with his character voices. And this is a great one for re-reading because of the intricate plot and history and characters, but who the hell has the time to re-read such a long book, so the audiobook is a great way to go when you’re driving or doing shit around the house (or painting furniture and upholstering headboards).

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

At first I was like, what kind of a dopey name is Rainbow? But then I remembered that few of us actually choose our own names and got over it. I saw so many people reading Eleanor & Park and was intrigued. It looked like another teen love story, which I’m just not that into these days, so I didn’t immediately run out and get myself a copy. I got Landline from the library on a whim and read it first. The premise is a little silly (magical telephones that connect her present self with her husband’s college self) but you can get over that to get into the story of a marriage and self-realization. The main character is a television writer  who kind of has to figure out how to balance her relationship with her career and co-writer with her relationship with her family. Eleanor and Park is cute and also good, but not as good to me at this time in my life because I care very little about high schoolers in love right now.

Heartburn by Nora Ephron

I adore Nora Ephron. She wrote some of my favorite movies, and I find her entirely relatable. I actually read this when I was pregnant (wow, it feels like it’s been a million years), and the story really got to me because it is about a woman who’s marriage is ending after her husband’s affair while she is SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT. I couldn’t even imagine what that would be like. And it really happened to Nora Ephron, though she fictionalizes it in this book. Also, the main character is a food writer, and she intersperses recipes throughout, and you can’t help but make some of them just to see, and they are truly very good.

Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen

This one is a novel about a 60-year-old photographer who believes her days of success are behind her and is trying desperately to figure out what to do next and still be financially afloat. In a desperate move to get away and to make some extra cash, she sublets her New York apartment and moves out to the country upstate. Friendships and mishaps ensue, and she figures out a few things about where she wants her life to go.

Huh, on my list I’ve got books by and about women in all stages of their careers (and an epic tale of political turmoil and dragons). You can tell what I’ve got on my mind lately. I continue to halfheartedly look for a job that I can justify putting Tommy in daycare for, coming up with nothing, and just sort of waiting for what happens next. (Sorry, sorry, sorry, I know I’ve got it really good. But what good is a blog if I can’t whine a bit on it?)

So what are you reading?


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