Getting My House in Order

Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom I spend the vast majority of my time in the house. It’s starting to get to me. Not the confinement, but the state of my house. It’s a disaster.

When Robin and I got together we were both adults with our own houses full of furniture and the various stuff adults tend to collect. Neither of us had gotten past the hand-me-down furniture stage yet, so we ended up with a house crammed with furniture, none of which matched or even came close to going together.

On top of that, we both seem to be packrats that have just sort of gotten used to living in clutter. We have a huge combined collection of books that was just flung on shelves by movers when they unpacked us. Electronics and their components and cords are scattered everywhere, and we have no idea what is where. And we’ve both accumulated enough framed pictures prints over the years (none going together) to cover every wall in our house twice over.

Actually, that thing about the movers really applies to all of our smaller belongings. We have a ton of small items shoved in every closet. We’ve lived here since May, and I bet we haven’t even glanced at a lot of stuff in all that time.

And now we have the baby stuff. SO. MUCH. BABY. STUFF. It’s everywhere. And a lot of it is huge. Have you seen how big a jumperoo is?


So the time has come to de-clutter. I have resolved to PURGE our house of all the crap we don’t need. Cleaning sucks, and de-cluttering can be an extra-daunting task. Since Robin is a nostalgic hoarder (sorry, babe, but I only speak the truth) this will be especially hard. Every time I want to throw away something, it will involve a negotiation in which we weigh memories versus space. It may help my cause that I’ll be selling a lot of stuff on E-bay and Craigslist. Extra cash will dampen the blow a bit.

My first project was the bookcases. The shelves line our living room, and having cluttered bookcases was making the whole room feel crowded and messy. So I pulled all of the books down and went through them. I alphabetized the fiction, sorted the non-fiction, and pared down my collection. I now have two huge boxes of books that I’ll sell in a yard sale when the weather gets nice.

I’m also determined to do some redecorating. I just finished backing the kitchen curtains with thermal lining (the thermal curtains I found were kinda ugly, and we absolutely needed the insulation). Next up I’ll be painting our mismatched bedroom furniture with the much-lauded Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.


This is my first foray into the realm of DIY, and I have my suspicions that it will be fairly messy, but I’m determined to give it a try. I’ll document everything so that we can all get a good laugh out of it. You’re welcome.


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