They See Me Rollin’

Tommy and I are finally settling back into our routine at home after period in which we did a CRAZY amount of traveling. Seriously, we went to Oklahoma a few weeks before Thanksgiving, then again at Thanksgiving, we spent a few weeks at home before we toured the east-coast seeing family for two weeks over Christmas, and finally went back to Oklahoma AGAIN last week. And I was working in November and the beginning of December and again in the beginning of January. I’m exhausted, and Tommy has only the barest semblance of a schedule. Let’s just say he’s not sleeping through the nights just yet.

Tommy totally passed out during our flight home, then woke up and made it known that he was displeased.

Tommy totally passed out during our flight home, then woke up and made it known that he was displeased.

Tommy has been doing an incredible amount of developing lately, no matter where he’s been hanging out. Despite rumors to the contrary, he was working on rolling over at Christmas, but didn’t get the hang of it until just last week. During the short time that we were in Oklahoma most recently, he rolled over, discovered his feet, and began sucking on his thumb. Slow down, buddy! You don’t have to do everything at once!

On the Tummy

It’s pretty hilarious when he rolls over. He’s so proud of his new trick, but he still hates tummy time, so he’s all like, “Wait, why did I do this to myself?!”

Huge Mistake

I’ll be working on a few things with him over the next few weeks. He needs to be weaned off of his pacifier and swaddling (or rather, Zipadee-zip) while he’s sleeping, but I don’t think he’ll let those go too easily. I won’t force it. I gave it a try putting him down for naps with his arms free yesterday, but he kept knocking his pacifier out of his mouth and getting angry. So I think the solution is to get rid of the pacifier first. I gave up and put him back in the Zipadee-zip during his evening nap so that we might have a decent night’s sleep.

We’re also working on sitting, but he’s got a long way to go on that one. He topples over really quickly, so I have to keep a hand on him. We gotta build up those core muscles! I’m not sure if playing in his jumperoo helps this, but he’s in it constantly. He loves that damn thing. As long as I’m close enough to talk and laugh with him, he’ll happily jump and jump for a solid half hour. He also still really loves his play mat and has been exploring the different ways he can roll and scooch around on it. It’s not unusual to look up and see him turned completely around from where I put him down.

Those jammies with the dinosaur feet are the cutest thing I've ever seen. Ever.

Those jammies with the dinosaur feet are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever.

Tommy sometimes freaks himself out a little when he’s been playing with one of those loud, stimulating toys for a long time. I’ve found that he really likes reading to settle back down. Granted, he barely pays attention and just wants to look at the colors and try to play with the pages (hurray for board books that he can’t tear up, right?), but the stillness and my voice seem to calm him down.

I can’t wait until he’s old enough to really get into a story instead of just wanting to suck on the book. He’s so oral right now! Everything goes straight into his mouth, especially his hands, and so now everything is coated with a layer of baby-drool. Babies are so gross.


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  1. Thank you. I needed my Tommy fix! Hope you all doing ok. Was hoping to come visit this weekend. Now bad weather being predicted for Saturday. Grrrr. Will have to see! Kelly

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