In Memory of Larry K. Hayes

Tommy and I just got back from yet another trip to Oklahoma. The reason for this most recent trip was to attend my grandfather’s funeral. The entire family gathered to celebrate the life of a kind, smart man. We are glad that his life was long and meaningful and that he went quickly.

Maggie and Larry

photo 8photo 9

If you’re counting, that’s three trips to Oklahoma in less than five months, plus our holiday trip through Pennsylvania and DC. This trip was necessary, and I am glad I was able to be with my family, but I am SO ready to be home. I think I’ll stay a while.

photo 10


One thought on “In Memory of Larry K. Hayes

  1. Glad you and Tommy are back safe and sound, though I am sorry about the reason for the trip. Your grandfather had a wonderful life and lived it to the fullest. A wonderful legacy for all. I am glad you were able to be with your family at this sad time Larry will be missed.

    Love Kelly

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