Photo Dump

I was going to write a full blog post. I really was.

I was going to discuss how I went on a trip to Oklahoma a few weeks ago, and my family got to meet Tommy, and I got to see my parents who live in Japan.

I was going to recount how traveling with Tommy went, and how everything was just great until the very end of the last flight, and how he screamed in the car the whole way from Newark to West Point.

I was going to explain my typical day as a work-at-home mom and how I balance copyediting a book with taking care of an infant.

I was going to brag about how cute Tommy is and comment on how fast he’s growing.

I was going to do a lot of things. But then Tommy decided he was done with his nap, and I didn’t get as much work done as I needed to, and it was another typical day.

And so I guess I probably won’t be writing a post until I have a break in this job in December.

Until then, here are a bunch of photos from my phone.


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