Just a Quickie: Tommy is Two Months Old

I’ve only got time to drop a quick note. I just got some freelance work, so I won’t have much time to blog. I’ll get it in when I can, but between editing, laundry, dishes, feedings, and cuddles, I’m pretty booked up.

Tommy got his two-month vaccinations today, and he handled them like a champ. That is, if champs handle things by screaming their heads off until they are exhausted, peeing themselves, and then taking a very long nap. It was pretty traumatic for me, too, since I had to witness my son’s thigh get pierced by a needle the size of a harpoon. But at least he won’t get polio, so yay.

We just got back from a trip back to Oklahoma to visit family, but more on that later. I want to give the trip the full post it deserves.

Robin finally sent me the pictures from when we went apple picking (because we are some seriously basic bitches, y’all), and it turns out he’s a pretty damn good photographer. Here’s Tommy in his little Baby Bjorn–before he started freaking out because he was too hot.

I die a little bit every time I see this. So sweet.

I die a little bit every time I see this. So sweet.

And here I am in all my baby-wearing glory.

Such flannel, so Bjorn.

Such flannel, so Bjorn.

Actually, I think my baby-wearing days are numbered. Our combined body heat whenever I wear the Bjorn or a fabric wrap makes both of us pretty unhappy. I’d love it if anyone out there had a solution for this.

So that’s about it until I carve out some time for a proper post. #sorrynotsorry #employment


4 thoughts on “Just a Quickie: Tommy is Two Months Old

  1. I get too hot in my Bjorn too. Never found a solution with my first and still haven’t with my 3 month old. 😦 Congrats on the freelance work! I remember when I did it when I first started staying at home and it was very competitive. Any time a job came through was such a relief! Adorable little boy! 🙂


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