My life is kind of boring right now.

My brain is a little fried. Or, rather, it has atrophied from lack of use and sleep deprivation. I’ve had “blog” on my to-do list for days, but I still just can’t seem to come up with anything to say. I honestly don’t even know what I’ve been doing lately; I know that I do things, but my days blur together and I can’t remember doing anything but laundry and dishes for the past week.

I do know that we embraced our basic bourgeois selves by going apple-picking on Columbus Day. (I only know what day it was because I was sort of shocked that the government still celebrates it by giving soldiers a day off. Hooray for the decimation of indigenous peoples.) We wandered in the orchards among the many other young families until Tommy freaked out and I had to hustle back to the car. I made a few pies with some of the apples.


I’ve gone to the park a few times with some other moms. I still don’t feel like I fit in. I don’t know how to small-talk. My kid is too small to play with the other kids. I don’t care about decorating. I’m not churchy. But my desire to interact with adult women outweighs my anxiety, so I happily go and awkwardly stand around with them.

That’s about all that I can think of aside from some brief visits with friends and family who’ve swung through town.

I’ll just post some pictures of what my days generally look like.


One thought on “My life is kind of boring right now.

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