So I’ve Started this Blog. . .

I’ve read quite a few very good blogs over the years, but I have never been terribly tempted to write my own for one reason or another. I’m not good enough or passionate enough about any hobbies to devote a blog to them like all of those cooking, DIY, and decorating blogs (who am I kidding, I don’t DIY or decorate). I certainly can’t take beautiful photographs or draw cartoons to accompany my writing (I’m looking at you, Hyperbole and a Half and The Oatmeal). And although I enjoy writing, I’ve never had the free time to figure out how to set up a page where I just write about myself and what’s happening in my life. I know nothing about web design, so learning the ins and outs of a blog seemed exhausting.

Well, now I do have time and the motivation to learn about blogging. I also have a couple of rather good reasons to want to share what’s happening in my life with others.

  1. I’m seven-ish months pregnant, and just moved far away from my home. I lived in Oklahoma City, where much of my family is, pretty much my entire life, and as a new Army wife, I’ve just been relocated to West Point, New York. My family is already quite spread out: my parents are at an Air Force base in Japan, and my in-laws are down in Pennsylvania. These people seem to want to know what’s going on with my pregnancy, and I’m pretty sure they’ll want regular updates once the little creature is born. And since I hate (utterly loathe) talking on the phone, I figure I’d better figure out a way to communicate with my loved ones, or they might riot and storm our house. Although I’d enjoy the company, I figure this is easier and more cost-efficient.
  2. Because I quit my jobs in Oklahoma, and because we moved while I’m very pregnant, and I’d rather not apply for a job just to go on maternity leave, I’m pretty much unemployed for a while. I went from having two jobs to none, and I have no idea what to do with myself. I’m not exactly the house-wife type (stop rolling your eyes, I know that’s an understatement). I cook, but I don’t decorate, and I only clean when it becomes glaringly obvious that something needs to be cleaned. And I’m not a social joiner. The very idea of approaching strangers in an attempt at making new friends terrifies me. So I’m basically at home all day, reading and hanging out with our pets. Or I aimlessly wander around the PX and commissary, but I think the employees are starting to suspect me of casing the joint for a heist. Quite honestly, if I don’t start to do something to keep myself occupied, I might spiral into a deep dark depression, which would be good for nobody. I need to be able to do something, anything, that has a tangible result, and writing a blog is the best thing I can come up with.

So what will this blog be like?

I honestly can’t say just yet. To start out with, I guess I’ll just write about what’s going on around here, keep everyone updated about baby things, and discuss my various interests. So I may write about living on an army post one day, then discuss what I’ve been attempting to cook another day, and then analyze the patriarchal undertones of a television show on yet another day. I’ll doubtless discuss what’s happening in my brain in an attempt to figure out how to deal with life; we all do this, and I’m assuming it will help me stave off the crazies. And needless to say, I’ll probably write about books fairly often. It’s unavoidable when you have two literature degrees.

I guess posts will happen somewhere between a couple of times a week to a few times a month. It really all depends on how quickly I figure out this blogging thing and whether I have anything interesting going on in my life. I’ll post links to any new posts on my Facebook page, so any friends there can see me. And feel free to send links to anyone I’m not connected with on Facebook if you think they’d be interested.


Cast of characters:

Since this is the internet, I’ll keep a certain level of anonymity (And I’ll ask you to do the same; no last names or incriminating personal information, please). But I’ll introduce the members of my household, because they are bound to come into the conversation from time to time.

Abby, That’s Me


Robin, The Husband


Stella, The Village Idiot


Kitten Mao, The Cranky-Pants


Tommy, The New Guy


A quick note on the blog’s title:

Titles are the HARDEST! In my old job in publishing they were much easier, since academic book titles are generally more explanatory than clever, but we still often came up with them as a group, shooting ideas around until everyone was happy. The committee for this blog’s title consisted of just Robin and myself as we ate lunch at Panera the other day.

Our initial instinct was something punny because puns are the best (not the lowest form of humor), but we couldn’t come up with anything I loved. We were about to set the task on some of Robin’s college friends, who are brilliant wordsmiths, but then we started down a different route. Robin suggested “I Don’t Know What To Do with My Hands” because that pretty well sums up how we both feel much of the time (we’re a couple of awkward birds, but we manage to get along in the world, and we quite like each other, so it all works out). I’m pretty sure the sentiment will be appropriate for many of the blog posts that I will write, so we’ll go with that sentiment for now. Because I’m an editor, I shortened that to a slightly more manageable title length. And so we have this: “What Do I Do with My Hands,” or WDIDWMH. We’ll see if I hate it in a month and decide to change it.


7 thoughts on “So I’ve Started this Blog. . .

  1. Love the blog, and am grateful you figured out a way to communicate. Flying from Tokyo to New York every month was going to get expensive. Love you 3…


  2. I still love seeing your sense of humor in your writing. Poor Stella – Villiage idiot??? I think you will enjoy doing this and I know your mother will appreciate it.


  3. Hi Abby! I know your parents from Japan. I like your blog “voice” and look forward to more posts. As a more “seasoned” mil spouse, who was in your position once before (feels like yesterday!), my best advice is to make those spouse friends, and sooner rather than later. I was slow learning that in the beginning of our military life, but then I received great advice from a wife that had been around longer: find a mentor, or more seasoned spouse, the person who will help explain what it all means in this new world of a million acronyms. It does take a little effort, especially when you may not be in the mood. Remember, they don’t have to be your best friends, but you will all need each other in the future as you move from place to place. And also, you never know when that chance encounter will bring you a new “sister” and life long connection. The mil spouse community can be a very strong one, as no one else truly understands what it is like unless you live it. I am always amazed at the incredible support spouses provide to one another. You don’t have to be a “joiner”, but maybe just attend the occasional thing. The pregnancy and baby are a great excuse to bow out of whatever you are not in the mood to do. Most spouse groups have book clubs too! Since you love books, go to your base library and get to know the people there – they are, after all, your “tribe”. Can you volunteer there? Base libraries always need help, and may not advertise it. When the baby comes, find those playgroups with other new moms, you will need it, and them. Best of luck with all your new adventures!


  4. Hi Abby! My husband Kyle and I were at Bragg with Robin for a while he became a really good friend of ours. It is so great to see him happy. I can relate to how it feels to be the new army wife. I had no clue what I was getting into 6 years ago but the amazing friends you will make are priceless. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to vent I’m here. I have learned that milspouses should stick together (well with the exception of the crazy ones lol). I have a blog as well feel free to check it out if you want.


    • Jen, Robin has told me about you guys and how much he likes you. I look forward to meeting you sometime. Thanks for the encouragement, and I like your blog, too!


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